Artist: Pat Williams, Omokoroa, Retouched 2012

Year: 1999/2012

Medium: Acrylic on Panels

Size: 20 sq m.

Sponsored By: Price Chopper, Katikati

The double perspective – exterior on the left hand side and interior on the right – is united by the woman shopper entering the store. The exterior view, with horse and cart and family members posing in front of the store is copied from a 1907 photograph and was completed and dedicated in 1998. Goods were taken to isolated timber mills by a string of sturdy packhorses owned by Noble Johnstone. Margaret drove a horse and gig to Waihi each month to do the banking. It was, indeed, at the heart of Katikati. The pioneer-style wooden verandah with corrugated iron roof and wooden poles complete with a hitching rail of the period add extra authenticity.