Artist: Te Maari Gardinerm Turangi

Year: 1999

Medium: Acrylic on Panels

Size: 8sq m

Sponsored By: Sky City Community Trust, Community Donations

This mural depicts the interconnectedness of the Whanau a Tawhao whose home is north of the present Katikati, of the original Katikati at Bowentown, of Otawhiwhi and the outlying islands with Tangaroa the god of the sea and with their ancestors, all of which play an integral part in the hapu’s physical, spiritual and cultural wellbeing.

The mural’s shape presents Otawhiwhi and the original Katikati (now Pios Beach and Bowentown) as the entrance to the harbour. Tangaroa, god of the sea, presides over his realm in the centre of the mural. On the right Tauwhao, ancestor of the local hapu is depicted with her husband Tamaoho. They are guardians to the entranceway.

The present generation is represented on the left of the mural. They have put aside the patu and taken up education to meet the challenges of today. They are looked after by the guardian spirit of the toroa (albatross).

Patiki (flounder), tuangi and pupu (shellfish) represent Tanagaroa’s bounty, once legendary in the area. Today they carry a warning for they have almost disappeared from the estuary.