Artist: Bohdi Vincent, Kapiti Coast

Year: 1996

Medium: Acrylic on Block and Panel

Size: 16 sq m.

Sponsored By: Creative Communities, Western BOP District Council, Muraltown Garden Rambles

This mural was painted in a week by Bodhi and his son Ra as part of the Mural Magic Festival of 1996.

It celebrates New Zealand before the arrival of mankind, depicting a forested land vibrant with birds and other wildlife, making us aware of the need to conserve the remnants of natural environment which remain and manage the rest sustainably. Nikau palms, flax bushes, ferns and kauri trees are depicted along with the extinct huia, the threatened native pigeon, tuatara (lizard), large indigenous weta (insect), native frogs and snails.

Bodhi Vincent is well known throughout New Zealand both as a muralist and a sculptor.