Artist: Jocelyn Mountain & Alisa Shaw, Katikati

Background Painted By Roy Cunliffe

Year: 1991

Medium: Ceramic Tiles

Size: 8 sq m.

Sponsored By: Jocelyn Mountain, Alisa Shaw, Community Donations

This mural is the work of Katikati potters Ailsa Shaw and the late Jocelyn Mountain who was aged 83 when she worked on it.

The colourful inlaid tiles designed by Jocelyn show people and scenes from Katikati’s pioneer days. Ailsa made the tiles for the background which shows the Kaimai Range from Mt Hikurangi to Hot Springs Road with the Tuapiro estuary and Uretara River flowing through the scrub to the harbour.

The painted surround of the Kaimai Range, wetlands and estuary, places the tiles of Early Ventures in the view Jocelyn saw from the windows of her home.