Artist: Geoffrey Fuller, Hastings

Year: 1992

Medium: Acrylic on Panels

Size: 18 sq m.

Sponsored By: BP Katikati, Community Donations

This is a peep into the garage which stood on this site from the early 1930s. It was the run by Ossie Openshaw but was taken over by Katikati identity Bert Fenn in 1939 when he renamed it Katikati Motors. Hawkes Bay artist Geoff Fuller, a retired secondary school teacher, is skilled in many media. He has taken pains to ensure every detail is accurate for the period, even to the 1921 Dodge truck with its actual number plate. The artist’s attention to detail is shown in such things as the moth caught in the car’s radiator grill, the grimy marks around the door handle and the authentic pink packet of screws which feature on the Farmers Trading Company docket hanging on the clip. Tools, signs and even a local calendar on the wall reflect the hours of research that went into this mural.