Artist: Pat Williams

Year: 1994

Medium: Acrylic on Panels

Size: 18 sq m.

Sponsored By: Katikati Womens Organisation, Suffrage Cenennial Trus, Individual Women

This mural was completed as part of the celebration of the centenary of women gaining the vote in New Zealand in 1893.

It shows a kitchen of that time, when the kitchen was the focus of most women’s activities. In the background is St Peters Anglican Church (completed in 1884) with a spire that was later removed. Judging by the shadows, the home was on the ridge across the Uretara River from the town, an area now known as Waterford, the first name given by the settlers to the town.

Painter Pat Williams used members of her family as models, including her daughter, her mother and her grandchildren. A local Maori resident was the model for the visitor being welcomed at the door.

A highlight for the artist while she was painting was the day when a corgi came around the corner of the next building and rushed up to wage a fierce barking attack on the cat in the mural.