Artist: Anne de Silva, Matamata, Repainted 2011

Year: 1993/2011

Medium: Acrylic on Panels

Size: 20 sq m.

Sponsored By: Local Businesses Families & Individuals

The earliest homes in Katikati were built from timber brought from Auckland and Tauranga because access to the local bush was difficult. Kauri were felled locally in the first decade of the twentieth century and again in the 1930s, working from camps set up in the bush. Beginning in 1992, Anna de Silva, of Matamata, portrayed some of the second-generation kauri bushmen on their one day off, doing Sunday chores. The mural authentically represents saw-milling tools. bushmen’s clothing and bush huts of the time. Well-known bushman George Reeves is the one sharpening the crosscut saw.